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Cool Nails is a boutique professional beauty salon dedicated to providing excellent quality services in caring for the appearance and beauty of your nails, hands and feet. We believe that they need to be pampered and cared in the most delicate and professional manner simply because they show our characters. Neglected hands certainly create a poor impression: bitten nails or torn cuticles indicate a lack of confidence, while perfectly manicured hands and pedicured feet suggest someone who pays attention to detail and takes pride in their appearance.

Our key consultant, Ms Hannee Tay, is a professional beauty consultant specializing in this field and has more than 15 years of experience. She obtained a number of certifications in various nail art, design & care and was also awarded with the Malaysian award of fantastic nails and the 1st International nail art.

She has a burning desire and passion in this field . This can be seen in her professional services provided to all her satisfied clients.

On a corporate level, Cool Nails is also committed to offering value-added services to our valued clients. We continuously seek improvement areas and new innovative range of complementary products and services that we can help to enhance our clients’ well-being.

At Cool Nails, "We Care, We Treat & We Beautify".
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